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Terraform: Using user data in Launch configuration

User data is commonly used in launch configuration to run scripts during instance initialization. Launch configuration is usually used along with auto scaling groups to launch instances with similar instance settings. Userdata can be templatized in terraform. Templatizing helps in… Continue Reading →

Internal ELB creation for autoscaling groups using terraform

Terraform script for creation of internal ELB is a bit tricky compared to usual ELB. Internal ELB is used between private networks within a ELB. These are used mainly for load balancing services within a private VPC network. The most… Continue Reading →

Terraform : Best way to organize your project

Terraform provides simple & very easy way to manage your cloud using uniform & simple scripts across different clouds. Terraform can manage existing and popular service providers as well as custom in-house solutions. Key features of Terraform are Infrastructure as Code… Continue Reading →

AWS Auth failure

One of the issue most of the new AWS developers encounter is Auth failure. This is mostly because many of them use invalid Access keys or would have wrongly configured the Access key. The Access key should be configured using the… Continue Reading →

Debugging AWS ELB OutOfService

Your load balancer checks the health of its registered instances using either the default health check configuration provided by Elastic Load Balancing or a custom health check configuration that you specify. The health check configuration contains information such as the… Continue Reading →

Setting up Internet facing load balancer in AWS

An Internet-facing load balancer takes requests from clients over the Internet and routes them to the back-end instances. To create an Internet-facing load balancer, ensure that your subnets are public subnets. A public subnet has a route to an Internet… Continue Reading →

Hosting a Junos Space setup on AWS

I recently had an opportunity to design & architect the Junos space applications demos on AWS setup. Find a briefing of how you can setup a Junos space server on AWS. Goal: Creating a Junos Space, Network Director & Security Director setup… Continue Reading →

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